The Extension Institute of Positive Youth Development prepares the youth of today to become the effective, empathetic adults of tomorrow. Our research-based youth enrichment programs like teens in governance build youth and adult capacity and partnerships that help both sides grow. 4-H clubs, camps and afterschool programs give young people the hands-on experiences they need to develop an understanding of themselves and the world.

Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development

Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development

Preparing youth for successful futures by engaging in fun, hands-on 4-H activities


Youth Governance Program

Youth Governance Program

Offering greater opportunities for youth leadership, development, and empowerment through direct participation in county government decision-making


Youth Livestock

Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program

Incorporating interest in livestock and meat to teach life skills necessary for becoming a contributing adult

4-H Communication Arts

Wisconsin 4-H Communication Arts

Educating through art programs that provide the creativity and outlet your soul needs to sing



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Operation Military Kids: Mility Families in Our Own Backyard

The Learning Store produces and distributes educational materials based on university research, extending knowledge to the statewide community.


Featured Publication

Written and illustrated in graphic novel format, colorful and realistic scenarios may be used to help students understand the dynamics and emotions experienced by families of military members. The scenarios are drawn from actual letters and stories written by elementary and middle school students.


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Cooperative Extension’s research and outreach improves the lives of Wisconsinites through action, education and community partnerships. We set rural and urban communities up to thrive by supporting their economic development and organizational and leadership development. We show individuals how to build financial capability and encourage them toward the most nourishing health habits.


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JulieAnn Stawicki became the interim Associate Dean of Youth, Family, and Community Development in 2017. Prior to this position, JulieAnn served as an associate professor in the Department of Youth Development with seven years of experience at Cooperative Extension, as a statewide specialist in the 4-H Youth Development program, and as the leader of the Health Task Force in the Family Living program.


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